The Designed in USA brand certification mark is a new identifier and brand enhancer for goods, services and environments designed in the United States. Branding our design community is one simple but powerful step to make our voice and value better known; we welcome and encourage your help, and have made it simple and free.

Why use it? This logo can enhance your brand and expand customer attraction, differentiate you from competitors, influence sales or usage/adoption, and/or strengthen an export position. It will also raise the bar for all, while branding the
contributions from the creative and ingenious talents that come together in the United States from all corners of the globe.

Businesses are invited to use the logo which design all, or virtually all, aspects of their offerings in the U.S.; have been operating domestically for 12 months, and are not the subject of any unsatisfactory rating from an applicable product/service rating company or government agency; and retain evidence to substantiate that designs are domestically produced with no, or negligible, foreign contribution.

Download this logo:

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